Sunday, October 08, 2017

Early Mid life crisis

From 2015 to 2017-
Here are the highlights of my life:
1) Traveled to Korea/ Japan (2x) 
2) Borrowed  money to borrow money from Bank to buy a factory in Johor
3) Setup a private limited company with a friend to make cookies, invested >100K but so far still dormant.
4) Renovated and Moved to a one-bedroom with bf
5) Changed job to be less stressful but turns out to be just as stressful and earning 10% less salary.
6) Feeling of vomit every morning due to Stress.
7) Feeling suicidal.
8) Learning to medidate with Headspace App.
9) Trying to get a steady foot back at my life.

Saturday, September 26, 2015


You know , I am now >28years old, and I wrote this blog so many years ago when I was a naive youngster with no social skills.

And I am now looking at this blog as a guy approaching his 30s wondering how was I able to write like that.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February 2014

For the past 700 days, not much have changed about my disposition, my job position, the place I'm staying, my predilection for procrastination, my dear boyfriend and okay, there are now more wrinkles on my once youthful(?) face.

What were the highlights.... let's see....

2014 - First time snorkeling (drinking super salty water) and diving in a water themepark (so many hunky bodies to ogle at )
Dad's house burglarized for the 2nd time.

2013 - Supported my dear to buy a house,  and finally we both put our money into our very first tiny one-room condo in the red dot.
Vacation in Bali, Korea. 
Came out to 4 people who know me since secondary school, my best friends. Now they know I'm gay and accept who I really am.(Yay!)
Finally given the opportunity to be supervisor, training and learning to be a leader. (This was not a promotion, same salary)

2012 - Steadily honed my skills and knowledge in the workplace and got promoted to senior engineer. Bought my first property, a Mickey Mouse Mansion  and another serviced apartment , thanks to my property savvy friend.
Fell down an escalator hole and lacerated my leg painfully. Could not walk for two weeks and the scar remains.

2011- I did LASIK unsuccessfully, so still have to wear glasses.
Vacation in Batam, Kukup. Bought my first Iphone 4S.

2010- Graduated in May and jumped onto the first job offer I got.

Here's to 2014, hoping for a new chapter in my life, with more challenges ( to service debts with stagnant earnings).

I wish I can break out of the box .